About my Bachelor project

Bachelor projekt

The main protagonist in "Blow Up" is faced with the question of murder or optical illusion. The more he delves into this question, the more he begins to doubt whether the murder actually occurred, or if he is just imagining it all.

He eventually realizes that the truth, in the world of appearances and superficiality, is not always accessible and that some things might be better left uncovered.

The murder in "Blow-Up" is therefore a symbol of the uncertainty of perception and the impossibility of recognizing the truth in a world of appearances and superficiality.

"Wake up," photographer Thomas calls to the models, trying to shake them out of their lethargy and soullessness. The photographer's models have lost all their personality, making them interchangeable and even replaceable by dolls.

Are we also interchangeable or have we preserved our individuality?

In our fast-paced and volatile time, people come together and lose each other again. People just disappear from our lives.

Do we care where they have gone and try to find them again or are they interchangeable for us like the models?

Our memory of them becomes increasingly blurred until it fades completely.